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Elemech Operating Sectors

Elemech operates in five sectors through its four subsidiaries:

Agro Industrial

Deals with heavy machinery for construction Purpose

AMM Engineering

Deals in creating new molds for automation industry by using CNC machines

Equipment’s sales Kenya Ltd

Deals in Automobile trucks of TATA industries

Amolak Singh Isher Singh & Sons

Deals with crushing of stones for construction work

Transmission and Distribution

Through the process of power transmission and distribution, we at Elemech engineering connect countries, power plants, urban area and rural areas to electrical power.


At Elemech Engineering, we create and apply technology to monitor the production and delivery of products and services by Automation. We also deal in creating new molds for automation industry by using CNC machines.


Elemech engineering deals in the manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of the automobile trucks at TATA industries. We also specialize in vehicle designing, repairing, testing and assembling. We also assemble and install various automobiles.

Construction Equipment’s & Machineries

Elemech engineering has various sets of Special Tension Stringing Equipment’s for stringing of Single/Multi Bundled conductors on transmission lines and also various sets of stringing equipment’s & vehicles for stringing of OPGW including Crain mounted trucks for the erection of equipment and towers.


Through Agro-Industrial, which is an Elemech engineering subsidiary, we deal with heavy machinery for construction Purposes.

ELEMECH has a large pool of highly experienced and qualified personnel available with us.   Many of these persons are Senior Managers, having extensive experience in handling Transmission Line Projects right up to 400 kV.  Overall, ELEMECH has an extensive organization of Executives, Managers, Foremen, Supervisors and other Administration Staff and workforce to meet the requirements of the management of various projects. With the vast organizational strength available with ELEMECH, it has the capability to post an adequate number of people to man the Projects during the execution to meet the completion requirements and targets.

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